here goes nothing.

Love Does by Bob Goff

Storyline by Donald Miller

START by Jon Acuff


Read these books, and you will most likely quit your job and buy a one-way ticket to somewhere.  Or start waking up at 5am to write a novel. Or start giving away everything you own. You might realize you’ve been stuck. You might start feeling claustrophobic. 

It was like an awakening. It was like a dear long lost friend was reaching out a hand to pull me out of the rut I had turned into my comfortable little den, with a recliner and indent of my tush.  At 27, I was dangerously approaching a quarter-life crisis, and I am far too old for such. Unless I live to be 108. So I started to jot down plans on napkins. I have always wanted to go an adventure.


I saw the Lord of the Rings movies in 2006. I said, “that place isn’t real.” My friend said, “It’s New Zealand.”  

“I will go there.” 

So, it took me getting a job as Director of Alumni Relations in the college town I love, to remind me I need to be out adventuring, writing about the quality of the climbing trees in the southern hemisphere, sipping on locally roasted espresso, tasting seafood caught around the corner, and meeting kiwis in the human form. An 8-5 desk job hurt me, physically and emotionally. I am far too young to be feel so damn old. Or something like that.

I applied for a working holiday visa and got accepted to work in exchange for my housing and food while traveling around hobbit country. 

I have two bright and beautiful friends, Kasey and Brittany, that are joining the adventure! 

Stay tuned.

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