\ HOB-uhl-dee-hoy \  noun;
1. An awkward, gawky young fellow.

I’m lined up to fly into fall tonight.  Departing from the steamy asphalt of Clearwater and arriving in the refreshing breeze of the Blue Ridge.  Blue Ridge Breezes are what I’ve been craving. 
The airport is frigid. I’m tempted to unzip my packed suitcase to throw some socks on with my chacos.  My hands are colder than the pool I spent my last two months swimming in. 
Fall.  Warm days, cool nights.  Light jackets wrapped around your waist.  I could wrap a jacket around my waist and put socks on with my chacos and automatically become a womanly hobbledehoy.
There is a man here that would be unfairly labeled as a hobbledehoy.  I seem to have a heart for them.  I smile bigger and am in no rush to leave their close proximity.  I am the opposite of this around people who are the opposite of hobbledehoy.  This man is lengthy.   He’s fairly young.  And he laughs like a friendly version of a Lion King hyena.  Hobbledehoys often have a hard time getting through security scene-less.  This makes my heart go out to them even more. 

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