\ VAHY-uhnd \, noun;
1.An article of food, now usually of a choice or delicate kind.
It’s a good thing I waited til today to write about viand, the word of yesterday.  I did not eat enough dinner* because even though the nutrifaster n450 takes big healthy foods and makes them into juice, it’s still just juice.  So I’m left hungry. I could’ve stayed at my place of work and picked out a delicate kind of food, a viand, like veal parmesan, but I came back to my pathetic cupboards and mini fridge.  I have peanut butter with nothing to put it on…couscous without the butter to mix in, and oatmeal with no honey or cinnamon. 
So I went to the grocery store while I was ravenous.  I grabbed some essentials, like rice cakes for the peanut butter, 2 red bulls for Monday mornings, Tostitos for the hummus, and hot tamales for pure pleasure.
But the viand that I’m writing about is the bag of Kettle Chips, salt and vinegar, baked, 65% less fat, gluten free, no MSG, no preservatives, nothing artificial, and made from real potatoes.  At first I was shocked that there are kettle chips that are baked.  I’ve always felt such pressure in choosing between the two.  Then I noticed the bags around this one…and these claims were not there.  They basically said “CHIPS.”  This made me laugh.  It’s like those restaurants that put a symbol by foods that are under 600 calories, and 2 things are symboled, so you feel like a big fat consumer while you imagine how many calories over 600 your meal has. 
The cashier at this grocery store used to be one of my favorite people, and it was nice to see her again.  She told me to have a good night and I said, “I’m just going home and eating all of this.”  She sort of chuckled and I said, “Really.  I’m starving.  Have a good one.”
*I’m aware that no one cares about these details of my life, but they inevitably come with the wonderment, my apologies.

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