\ PAHRS \  , transitive verb;
1.To resolve (as a sentence) into its component parts of speech with an explanation of the form, function, and syntactical relationship of each part.
2.To describe grammatically by stating its part of speech, form, and syntactical relationships in asentence.
3.To examine closely or analyze critically, especially by breaking up into components.
4.To make sense of; to comprehend.
5.(Computer Science) To analyze or separate (input, for example) into more easily processed components.
intransitive verb:
1.To admit of being parsed.
I parse commercials and tv shows.  It’s a terribly annoying habit.  I tear them apart to try to make sense of them, especially the kind that are not expected to be torn apart.  Maybe I started this after my four years of philosophy classes.  Why would they think that’s believable?  Why should that make me want to buy their product?   Do they think we’re complete fools?  These are just a few questions poor Erica hears whenever we watch tv. 
Wendy’s commercials are often parsed by me.  “It’s not fast food.  It’s Wendy’s.”  That slogan actually makes me wanna say, “What the hell, Wendy’s?  That does not negate the fact it’s fast food…”  They could’ve said, “it’s not fast food, it’s slow.”  That’d make sense.  I now choose Chick-fil-A or Subway instead of Wendy’s.  I like fast food.
A frequent topic I parse loudly is the relationship of Chandler and Monica on Friends.  I cannot get beyond the fact that she is completely psycho and competitive and he is laid back and hilarious.  “Would Chandler really put up with that?  Would she really be happy with a guy like him?”  Whew.  These questions exhaust me, yes. 

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