\ EEK \, transitive verb;
1.To gain or supplement with great effort or difficulty — used with ‘out’.
2.To increase or make last by being economical — used with ‘out’.
Some words of the day bring wonderments to my mind as soon as I read them.  Others, I must eke out.  I have to wonder what my wonderment should look like.  The Nutrifaster N450 doesn’t require any extra effort or difficulty to eke out the last of the juice from the desired fruit or veggie.  I often need to eke out the details of my job.  I have to remind myself that I’m not at Well Bred Bakery and I do have work to do.  This is difficult when I have coffee in one hand and a warm rice krispy treat in the other, brought to me by the baker himself.  I have to eke out my desire to get work done.  Usually making signs that advertise the earth shattering rice krispy treats get the sign-making magic started.

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