\ KVECH \, intransitive verb;

1.To complain habitually.
1.A complaint.
2.A habitual complainer.
I think if I approached a complainer and said, “You must stop the constant kvetch!”  I think the kvetcher would complain about the foreign word.  I’ve spent my fair share of time being a kvetch about this and that.  “This” being customers who didn’t deserve to be right when they were painfully wrong.  And “that” being customers who unfolded every XL shirt to see how big they were.   So I kvetch from time to time, but I have gotten better now that I do not have a customer service job.  Which is terrible…I’d like to think that I could be good at serving others.  Sounds Biblical.  But I have a lot of growing to do, sounds like.  I’m not going to sit here and kvetch about how I kvetch too much.  

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