\ hahy-per-BOL-ik \, adjective;
1.Using hyperbole; exaggerating.
2.Of or pertaining to a hyperbola.
I am sitting in a cozy chair surrounded by all that delineates my dreams not coming true.  My goal of bringing espresso to the town of Mars Hill has happened.  And I am not the one to do it.  My dreams have been crushed and the crusher is a smoking cup of coffee.  They have three choices of brew.  There’s ice cream.  There are old fashioned desks and modern couches and a wrap-around porch.  That’s hard to compete with. 
Maybe I can pack up and go back to Florida now.  The end product is here, and I didn’t have to do any of the hard work.  This may be a hyperbolic pity story, but I am sort of glad.  If you can’t beat them, drink their coffee. 

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