\ BOON-doks \  , noun;
1.A remote rural area (usually preceded by “the.”)
2.An uninhabited area with thick natural vegetation, as a backwoods or marsh.
“…And I can taste
That honeysuckle and it’s still so sweet
When it grows wild
On the banks down at old camp creek
Yeah, and it calls to me like a warm wind blowing

It’s where I learned about living
It’s where I learned about love
It’s where I learned about working hard
And having a little was just enough

It’s where I learned about Jesus
And knowing where I stand
You can take it or leave it, this is me
This is who I am

Give me a tin roof
A front porch and a gravel road
And that’s home to me
It feels like home to me

I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks

You get a line, I’ll get a pole
We’ll go fishing in the crawfish hole
Five-card poker on a Saturday night
Church on Sunday morning”

Boondocks by Little Big Town

I’m a very blessed girl.  Familially, geographically, and experientally.  I did not grow up in the boondocks, but I grew up surrounded by beachy beauty and baseball boys and best buddies.  But I have grown quite used to the boondocks in my later days.  Full of front porches (on one now), gravel roads (was on one yesterday), and tin roofs (dreamt of one two nights ago).  Mars Hill has a Waffle House and a stoplight, so it might not even qualify as the boondocks.  Up near Max Patch, miles and miles away from any sort of coffee shop, with cabins miles away from neighbors, is the boondocks.  Beautiful boondocks.  But I like being 12 minutes away from Well Bred and 22 minute away from Barnes and Noble and 24 minutes away from Erica and the west side.  Though I like knowing that I can get lost in the woods up behind the basketball court just 2 minutes away.  I like knowing that my favorite place in Spruce Pine is only a gorgeous 45 minute drive, and I can feel like all is right with the world when I’m there.  Such a powerful place.  Heading to the peninsula on the peninsula, but I will be back, sweet boondocks.  Stay the same, don’t let anyone build a WalMart on you.

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