\ REY-kish \  , adjective;
1.Smart; jaunty; dashing.
2.Of a vessel: having an appearance suggesting speed.
3.Like a rake; dissolute: rakish behavior.
At 1:00 pm today, I’d say a ‘rakish’ young fellow would be to compliment to said young fellow.  But notice the definition on the synonym page:
Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
charming and immoral
abandonedchicdashing, debauched, depraved,devil-may-care, dissipated, dissolute,fashionablefast*, flashygayjaunty,
lecherouslicentiousloose*, natty, prodigalprofligate, raffish,
saucysinfulsmart, sporty,wantonwild
Immormal, sinful, and loose?  My oh my.  Glad I didn’t throw “rakish” around like I threw “T.G.I.F.” around today.

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