\ mahr-juh-NEY-lee-uh \  , noun;
1.Notes in the margin of a book, manuscript, or letter.

Timing in movies is completely unrealistic.  Never have I ever met someone who had a moviesque story like, “I was engaged…but then I found my soulmate while trying to decide between garlic or black bean hummus.  I broke off the engagement on the day before my wedding, and I am cannot imagine eating chips and hummus with anyone else.”
In real life,  I’d buy the black bean hummus without discussing it with anyone, and it’d be moldy by the time I got home. 
Well, maybe that’s a bit too negative.
This does pertain to the word of the day, marginalia.  When I was in philosophy class, I was reading from a used book I bought online.  There were clever marginalia throughout the book and I found myself wondering about the previous owner.   I thought, this could make for a cute love story book idea.  Sure, the buyer of the book would fall in love with the seller from the marginalia, but then she’d probably find out he was high when he read it, or he was only using the book as scrap paper to figure out the Sunday paper word scramble.  So that story was never written.  

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