\ ih-RASS-uh-buhl \  , adjective;
1.Prone to anger; easily provoked to anger; hot-tempered.
Today I said, “damn it all to hell” about 12 times in my head.  First, I woke up early on Saturday morning.  Then, I got in a car accident.  In someone else’s vehicle.  With 13 girls in the back.  Four hours in the ER.  Everyone’s ok, thank the Lord.  Then an irascible Beth went back to work to find a clogged toilet.   I spent a messy 15 minutes unclogging.  When I finally got it back to working order, the power went out.  
On my way back to my apartment, there was a deer in my lane.  I swerved and probably hit his tail.  I then woke up at 3:30 am with a pounding earache.   I apologize for my complaining, but I am over the top irascible and wish I had a vacation coming soon.

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