\HAWR-ee\ , adjective;

1.Tedious from familiarity; stale.
2.Gray or white with age.
3.Ancient or venerable.
I’ve been sick enough to stay in bed for over a week with only a few trips to the store for movies and soup and Gatorade.  This is becoming hoary and the crackers for my soup are becoming stale.  Most of the movies I’ve watched happen to be on tv and I happen to leave them on.  So far I’ve watched: 23 episodes of Psych, Beauty and the Beast, Hook, Parent Trap, How Do You Know, The Goonies, The Switch, High School Musical 2, Just Go With It, and Runaway Bride.
One thing I’ve learned  from the hoary habit: I love both Richard Gere and Zac Efron equally.  Fascinating, I thought.

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