\FOOT-l\ , verb;
1.To act or talk in a foolish or silly way.
1.Nonsense; silliness.
Last night I had a grand time footling with the most darling children, the dreamer and the waddler.  Sadly and naturally, they are growing up.  My waddler no longer waddles like he used to, he’s got a solid trot now.  The dreamer is still dreaming, as I hope she continues to her whole life long. 
In one evening, the dreamer footled constantly and I giggled while I documented each one:
“This isn’t water…you served me beer!” (Of course it was water…I may not be on, but I am a fairly responsible caregiver.)
“Beth and Beyond, you look like a candle.  You remind me of Rapunzel.”
“When you get older, you can swim with me.”
“I’ve missed you and your pretty shirt and teeth.”
“I love beautiful things.  Do you?  Puff [cute nickname for her brother] hates beautiful things…
[sighs] …I don’t like Puff anymore.”

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