\ih-REF-ruh-guh-buhl\ , adjective;
1. Impossible to refute; incontestable; undeniable; as, an irrefragable argument; irrefragable evidence.
Irrefragable: Gravity.  Groggy Mondays.  Jane Eyre was treated wrongly by Mrs. Reed.  Poison oak is miserably itchy.  Carnation Instant Breakfast still takes time.  

One thought on “irrefragable.

  1. Ahhhh! I so completely agree. I hate making those "instant" breakfasts. I was looking at all these bags of Shakeology this morning thinking "I wish I had the energy to get out the blender" But it is MORNING time! I simply cannot be bothered. So I ate a zone bar. Yes, Ellen, it is easier.

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