\VELT-shmerts\ , noun;
1.Sentimental pessimism; sorrow that one feels and accepts as one’s necessary portion in life.
My weltschmerz relates to society as a whole at times.  When I am being calm, I am pessimistic about terrible things.  The holocaust, hungry children, and soldiers dying. 
When I have unexplainable rage, I am extremely pessimistic about facebook stati and movie previews and being surrounded by morons who litter.   At these extreme times, I want to comment on someone’s status with “no one cares” and “you lead a sad, sad life.”  And I want to throw my tv across the room because of commercials that make claims like, “the most unforgettable love story of all time.”  This makes me want to never watch the movie, or if I have, forget the stupid love story.   And if the makeup is really ‘true match’, why are there 57 choices?  Shheeeesssh.  Why do some lines of this post get outlined in white, while the others stay in blue? 
Perhaps my pessimism is sentimental to me.  Perhaps it’s all explainable weltschmerz.

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