\PROF-li-guh-see\ , noun:
1. Reckless extravagance.
2. Shameless dissoluteness.
3. Great abundance.
There’s something so wonderful about this definition.  “Reckless extravagance.”  I feel as though I have never lived with true profligacy.  When I went to a casino, I only gambled $20.  When I got a bonus, I only added bacon to my breakfast.  But oh to act in pure profligacy!  I picture a Gatsby like party, with chocolate pancakes covered in whipped cream, people dancing, and the same dancing people are screaming out of true delight at the extravagance of the chandeliers.  “Profligacy Parties” could become all the rage in 2012.  In fact, I might use my tax return and throw a huge one.  

One thought on “profligacy.

  1. The first time I took an expense account trip for a previous employer, I came back worried they would question my profligacy at adding a piece of chicken *and* a piece of fish at Long John Silvers.

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