1. A person who is not sensitive to criticism, ridicule, etc.
2. Any of the thick-skinned, nonruminant ungulates, as the elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros.
3. An elephant.

It’s hard to imagine a human pachyderm. I guess I know a couple. Or at least a couple people who come across as pachyderms. I think if I were to sit down with them over some hot chocolate, by a fire, on a cozy couch, and leaned in to ask personal questions about when they were hurt by severe criticism, and responded with ‘oooh, mm hmm, yes..” and lightly touched their arm and nodded along with them…I think they’d admit that criticism is hard. But, what do I know. (Don’t criticize this entry too harshly, I’m no freakin’ pachyderm).

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