\ree-kuh-NOI-ter\ , verb:
1. To make an inspection or observation.
2. To inspect, observe, or survey (the enemy, the enemy’s strength or position, a region, etc.) in order to gain information for military purposes.
 To examine or survey a region or area for engineering, geological, or other purposes.
I made a reconnoiter the other night while at a concert at The Orange Peel.  Most of us do not respond well to endings. Unexpected breakups, having to move out of your apartment before you expect to, or a concert that ends when you’re not mentally or emotionally prepared. 
The last on the list has a nice solution: the encore.
My reconnoiter came as I began to silently worry, “this show is going to end any minute.  I’m not ready for this to be the last song.”  Of course, the show did “end”, but the band came back to suit my needs (and to hush the crowd from the clatter) with an extraordinary encore.  Then, I was fine.  I now knew the next song would be the last one.  I’d smile and take a picture, maybe even a video, and the ending would be fine, because I was tired.

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