\ in-JEM-uh-neyt \  , verb;
1.       To repeat; reiterate.
It’s time to ingeminate the brilliance that used to be the Geico commercials.  The “taste test” commercial they have now…please don’t get me started or I’ll spruik about it.  It’s absolutely the most ridiculous piece of advertising…
But, let me ingeminate about the good ole days with the gecko.  Brilliant, recall for yourselves:
the thing is, everyone wants to save money on their car insurance, you asking if they want a free geico quote is like asking if they want free pie and chips.  of course they want free pie and chips.  it’s pie…with chips, for free.  but pie and chips…you can get them anywhere, geico quotes–made from scratch, just for you, only at
right, but a talking gecko…why?  i’ll tell you why, because people trust advertising icons.  some bloak tells you to go to and you’re like, “really, just who might you be?”  but a gecko, he can be trusted.  i ask if you want to save hundreds on car insurance and you’re like, “yes thank you, mind babysitting my kids?”  of course i’ll sit with the kids, you’re like a brother to me.
knock knock, who’s there?  bloak looking for a geico quote, looking to save money on his car insurance.  oh hello mate, come on in, how are ya?  how’s your mum?  how’s it feel to be better than everyone else?
easy money.  “but you have to go to”  which is like what, asking you to stand up.  if you stand up you can save loads of money, i doubt you’re going to be like, no thanks, i’m so rich, i’ll think i’ll keep my seat. 
“what about you…can they chat with you?”  i’m here for geico, love, let’s not delve into my personal life.

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