\ ek-TOP-ik \  , adjective;
1    1. Occurring in an abnormal position or place; displaced.
You know what makes for ectopic situations? Dreams. I’ve had a few ectopic dreams where ectopic people show up.  They show up in places they shouldn’t.  They say things they shouldn’t and wouldn’t in real life.  Sometimes these ectopic situations are so memorable, our reality is deeply affected.  I remember in middle school being kissed by Clay Perkett.  My first kiss, the sweetest kiss, at my birthday party which took place on my front porch.  Though in reality, Clay had no idea who I was and we don’t have a front porch.  But the dream felt so real, that a flip was switched in my mind when I woke up.  I was twitterpated with Clay Perkett.  He used to just be a friend of my older brother’s, but after the ectopic incident, he was my love.
When the switch gets flipped, everything changes.  He smiled at me, my heart went wild.  He was just being polite to his friend’s miniscule sister.  Two people’s switches being flipped at the same time?  Hardly ever happens. In fact, I think that’s why true love is so hard to find.  Clay didn’t even have a switch with my name on it.  

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