\ TAW-pee \  , noun;
1.     A foolish or thoughtless young person.
Tawpies do exist, certainly.  I’ve been one at times, for sure.  But it is rather obnoxious when older folks talk like every young person is a tawpie.  I went searching on my computer for something I wrote about this very topic…but I think I wrote it on a napkin, and that’s harder to track down.
“Youngins and their technology, they don’t know anything for themselves, blah blah, I’m arrogant, blah,” that’s what they say.  Like I said, some people are tawpies, sure.  But having the internet on our phones opens a world to us that doesn’t make us thoughtless, it invokes more thought.  We get curious, we look something up.  We share our findings with the un-tawpies around us.  We are thoughtful young persons with dreams and aspirations and…the internet.  

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