billet-doux. guff.

\guhff\  , noun:
1. Empty or foolish talk; nonsense.

billet-doux \BIL-ey-DOO\  , noun;

plural billets-doux \bil-ay-DOO(Z)\:
A love letter.
A billet-doux full of guff:

Hey you, over there,
Your earlobes are abnormal, but lovely.  You laugh too loudly and too often, I’d love to tell you my favorite jokes and bask in your chortles.  I can tell your left foot is larger than your right foot, and I don’t think I’d mind special ordering your sandals online if it’d make you happy and if it’d make you walk faster while we’re downtown.  I’d like to stay up past our bed time and hear about your outrageous dreams (for your future, not the dreams while you are sleeping).

All my love,

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