\koh-i-TEY-nee-uhs\ , adjective:
Of the same age or duration.
We took communion this morning.  New Life does it in a lovely, personal way.  We have two servers in the front of each section.  When you are ready, you walk out to the right, and the servers say, “the body of Christ, broken for you” and “the blood of Christ, shed for you” as you take the elements. They look you in the eyes and it’s powerful.
Today, as the row ahead of me began to make their way to the front, an adorable four year old girl put her doll down on the pew, everso gently, and patted her head as if to say, “stay, I’ll be right back.”  I couldn’t help but smile.  Her coetaneous brother looked at me and giggled, while giving me a “ooh my silly sister” look. 
It was one of the most precious moments.  I am thankful for the almighty God who loves the little children.  The God who gives us countless gifts to be thankful for.  

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