\muh-ZOO-muh\ , noun:  

It’s snowing this morning and I found $11 in my jacket pocket.  Mazuma!!  I could buy a sled or two lattes with this new found mazuma.  On the way to work, I thought about things I’m thankful for.  It’s a long list.  Nice morning.

Then I came to work, and the first facebook comment I read on the alumni page was smarmy and smart assy.  I had uploaded a photo of the 1917 Women’s Basketball Team on Thursday.  I wrote a caption describing what it was.  Then, the picture did not upload correctly.  I figured, forget it, I’ll post it later. 

Apparently, it did upload later in the day.  Without a caption.  No caption, who cares, you think?  Oooh, people care.  One smarmy comment:  Seems like posting the year would just be an automatic courtesy.

This made me forget the mazuma and the snow.  I wonder if this 60s grad has ever had a technological hiccup?  I’ll be waiting for it, and I will pounce. 
Or I’ll forget about it and be fine in 2 minutes. 

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