\prahy-muh-VEER-uhl\ , adjective:  

of, in, or pertaining to the early springtime: 
primaveral longings to sail around the world.
You know what I love?  Spring.  You know what I will love even more in five months?  Fall.  Then when snow hits the highest elevations in Madison County, I’ll drive up and up and up until the roads are closed.  I’ll squeal when I see icicles.
Last week we had six inches of snow.  Today, I have primaveral longings and I have been chasing the sunshine.  Right now, I’m on the driveway sitting six inches away from my roommate’s car to soak in the last foot of sunshine for the day.  The breeze is cool, but the sunshine feels golden.  I’d pay for it.
Season changes are delightfully timed.  

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