\chuhft\ , adjective:  

1. annoyed; displeased; disgruntled.
2. delighted; pleased; satisfied.
I imagine we are all chuffed all of the time.  Pleased or displeased, we walk around chuffed all day.

Boy, was I chuffed on Saturday.  I had reservations for dinner before a play on campus, all a part of Young Alumni Weekend.  I originally had reserved a few tables, before I had heard back from alumni.  I kept not hearing, and therefore, I kept contacting the restaurant owner to cancel table by table.  The alumni had had a busy weekend-late Friday night gathering and early morning 5K.  But I still had to show up at dinner, just in case someone showed up unannounced.

So, there I sat at a table with 4 menus, just me and my book.  I waited for 20 minutes.  I was brought a free spring ale.  At minute 21, I moved to the bar, as to not hold up a table.  I ate my dinner and was then brought free homemade, delectable flan.  Then free coffee.

People looked at me with sad eyes.  But I was chuffed (satisfied) with the extravagant meal, delightful alone time, and inspiring book.

In fact, I might make a habit of these reservations on Saturday evenings.  Not a bad plan at all.

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