While chatting with Erica the other night, I became aware that I haven’t made my new plans known. Probably because I didn’t know them until very recently. They might be far-fetched, but they are lookin’ mighty fine in my opinion.

Short term plan: to finish the cup of Caribou coffee I’m enjoying right now while sitting by my puppy bro, Riley. Aim to finish this blog update at the same time as I finish the coffee. All in time to go to the pool with Grandpa.

Long term plan: I’m babysitting a couple times a week and working a few times a week at the Outfitters store. I also met the owner of a bookstore/coffee shop (I sold her a pair of Chacos) and told her she needed me to work in the evenings. We’ll see if she agrees when I stop in tomorrow and ask about her pain-free feet from her new shoes. So my dream/plan is to save enough money to buy an around the world flight (this is the way to go financially if you want to go to more than one country, and I do) and to leave after Christmas. I will go back to New Zealand to pick up my boots and backpack, hug some friends, see the glowworms, etc. Then I will go see Mindy and Dane (to be married on Aug. 9th) in Okinawa (the Hawaii of Japan!). Then I will fly into Rome and do help exchange around Europe for as long as my money allows. Then I hope to go to Panama to meet up with my cousin, Josh. By the time I return to sunny Florida, I will have an amazing job offer from someone along the way. This job will include travel, coffee tasting, book reading, and an impressive salary.

I hope to have a few books published:

Beth of Fresh Air Volume 1: New Zealand

Beth of Fresh Air Volume 2: Japan

Beth of Fresh Air Volume 3: Italy

Watch for them on

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