I stumbled across this old post and was reminded of Beth Bridge’s lovely poem. Mars Hill folk, please enjoy.

beth of fresh air

am-uh-RAN-thin , adjective;
1.Unfading; everlasting.
2.Of or like the amaranth flower.
3.Of purplish-red color.
To most who have had the pleasure of soaking up knowledge in Cornwell, climbing the walls of the infirmary, or eating a famous Miss Virginia omelet, Mars Hill College is a place full of people who leave an amaranthine mark on their lives. I recently referred to the poem I found that was written by an alumna from 1951. Beth Bridges brought tears to my eyes as she beautifully delineated what I’ve longed to be able to clearly say. I wrote her a letter and she wrote back within the week and included a stack of pictures as tall as my tape dispenser. I hope to fly to her home in Ireland one day and sip tea with her as we tell each other our Mars Hill memories. In the meantime, enjoy:

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