verb (used without object), extemporized, extemporizing.
1. to speak extemporaneously.
2. to sing, or play on an instrument, composing the music as one proceeds; improvise.
3. to do or manage something in a makeshift way.
verb (used with object), extemporized, extemporizing.
4. to make or devise extempore.
5. Music. to compose offhand; improvise.

Derek Jeter has been at the Starbucks next to where I work three days in the past week. When my coworker let me know the first time, I sauntered over. My only plan was to see if my note had been delivered. I guess I thought maybe it’d be sitting on his table. It wasn’t. So as I walked by, I realized I couldn’t extemporize because that’s too dangerous. Who knows what would come out of my mouth! So I walked in Starbucks, circled the line of thirsty people, and walked back by Jeter without coffee in hand. He smiled. I smiled.

The next day, he was back. I was in need of coffee, so I walked over, ordered, and then grabbed a sugar packet. My plan was not to extemporize, but to set the sugar down and say, “You left your name tag on the counter in there.”

As I walked by his table, my plan seemed utterly ridiculous. Not sweet, but creepy. I didn’t even look his way.

After the note and gift card I gave to the barista to deliver to him a couple weeks ago, I now have to wait and “play it cool”, something I have yet to accomplish in my 29 years.

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