\ trep-uh-DAY-shuhn \, noun; 1.[Archaic] An involuntary trembling; quaking; quivering. 2.A state of dread or alarm; nervous agitation; apprehension; fright. Halloween is the frequent cause of trepidation.  It was for me in 4th grade.  I went to a Halloween Party for the Little Ladie’s Club.  Being the smallest lady in the club, I was named President.  So I attended the party, even though I heard we were going to a haunted house. Continue reading “trepidation.”


\ in-KOH-it \  , adjective; 1.In an initial or early stage; just begun. 2.Imperfectly formed or formulated. My job is still in its inchoate stage.  Not just my experience in the job, but the job position itself.  I’m the marketing director for the Dining Hall.  Keep in mind the inchoate stage…but my thinking thus far is that my marketing angle is opposite of normal business’ marketing angle.  The students purchase theirContinue reading “inchoate.”


 \ EEK \, transitive verb; 1.To gain or supplement with great effort or difficulty — used with ‘out’. 2.To increase or make last by being economical — used with ‘out’.    Some words of the day bring wonderments to my mind as soon as I read them.  Others, I must eke out.  I have to wonder what my wonderment should look like.  The Nutrifaster N450 doesn’t require any extra effort or difficulty to eke out the last of the juice from theContinue reading “eke.”


\ JOO-joo \, noun; 1.An object superstitiously believed to embody magical powers. 2.The power associated with a juju. I love this phonetic spelling.  JOO-joo.  I also love the sample sentence: “On any terminal she is using, a co-worker puts up a sign proclaiming, ‘Bad karma go away, come again another day’. When she was pregnant, she said, she crashed her computer twice as often – she attributes that to a double whammy of woo-woo juju.” “Can a Hard Drive Smell Fear?” New York Times, May 21, 1998 Pronounced WOO-woo JOO-joo.


 \ SLUHG-uh-bed \ , noun; 1.One who stays in bed until a late hour; a sluggard. I was tempted to take out the part after the semicolon in the definition.  Since a semicolon separates two complete thoughts, I could’ve.  “One who stays in bed until a late hour” makes me sigh and say Mmmm.  This morning, a Monday, a forgotten red bull, and pouring down rain, I could’veContinue reading “slugabed.”


\ PAHRS \  , transitive verb; 1.To resolve (as a sentence) into its component parts of speech with an explanation of the form, function, and syntactical relationship of each part. 2.To describe grammatically by stating its part of speech, form, and syntactical relationships in asentence. 3.To examine closely or analyze critically, especially by breaking up into components. 4.To make sense of; to comprehend. 5.(Computer Science) To analyze or separate (input, for example) into more easily processed components. intransitive verb: 1.To admit of being parsed. I parse commercials and tv shows.  It’s a terribly annoying habit.  I tear them apart to try to make sense of them, especially the kind that are not expected to be torn apart.  Maybe I started this after my four years of philosophy classes.  WhyContinue reading “parse.”


 \ kri-PUS-kyuh-lur \, adjective; 1.Of, pertaining to, or resembling twilight; dim. 2.(Zoology) Appearing or active at twilight. Hogwarts has an all around crepuscular feel to it.  Even the celebration banquets are a bit dim.  I am not sure if the Twilight books have a crepuscular feel.  People tell me that even though they’re about vampires, they’re not scary.  I don’t really trust these people because they do not knowContinue reading “crepuscular.”


\ an-tih-duh-LOO-vee-uhn \, adjective; 1.Of or relating to the period before the Biblical flood. 2.Antiquated; from or belonging to a much earlier time. noun: 1.One who lived before the Biblical flood. 2.A very old (or old-fashioned) person. Though the word ‘antediluvian’ is old and means of old…I think it can become a new hip thing to say.  It can mean, “man, that’s so out of style.  That’s like, before the flood type old.”  “Those are some terribly antediluvian sandals.” “Nice antediluvian coat you have there.  MadeContinue reading “antidiluvian.”