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Working for lodging and food and staying with local people makes travel so affordable!

limited time only! ah!!!

I am an advertiser’s dream customer. Call it “limited time
only”, and I treat the product like it’s gold. Especially when it’s delicious gold,
like pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin ales or pumpkin cheesecake. So we are flying into New
Zealand during their spring, missing the peak of US fall. But then I got to
thinking over dinner last night…it’s still going to be October in NZ, even if
it’s spring. It’ll still be Halloween and it’ll still be Christmas a couple
months later…so do we get to enjoy pumpkin spice and gingerbread lattes and
fall and winter ales in the spring and summer? Wow, I have no idea. But I am thirsty and cannot wait to
find out.



Brittany, Kasey, and I have our first job on September 26th. But I arrive on the 19th. So I’ve been emailing every cool looking job in Auckland and haven’t heard back until today. Today I got accepted to work at an inn on this beach: