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I was in the pool today, because the Florida heat in August will kill ya if you don’t stay in the water. I saw my shadow, arms on my hips, and thought I looked like Peter Pan. Then I thought, I am kind of treating New Zealand like Neverland, flying there so I don’t have to grow up and become an adult in an office with a bun in my hair. 


mount cookin’.

Dad and I were side by side on the treadmills at the gym, and he looked over with a surprised look as I was huffing and puffing on 12 elevation. I pointed to my guidebook and said, “I’m getting ready to hike Mount Cook.” 

He said, “Nice. How tall?” Then he put his elevation way up in support.  

Mount Cook is 12,316 feet high. 

buchanans rock.

Aaron and Carlee Buchanan (future parents of Beth Anne Buchanan) are such dear friends that I cherish more than a blog post can delineate. They threw me a going away bash full of pool time, corn hole, and chargrilled burgers. They also bought me a Canon Powershot camera. Thus, all of my future NZ photos are dedicated to them. 

Thanks, guys. You are the wind beneath my wings and the SD card in my snazzy camera. 

ghost lake. boo!

It’s been surprising how many people have said, “One of my favorite people lives in New Zealand, here’s her number” or “I did a working holiday there, too, let me give you some advice.” It’s a small world after all. 

Brittany (my lovely friend who is going to NZ, too) has a friend of a friend who builds huts for the adventurers who take on an 82km-long biking/tramping trail. To put it better from their website: 

In the North West corner of the South Island of New Zealand a ghost is awakening. A long-forgotten gold miners’ road is being revived as a mountain biking and tramping trail – connecting the old dray road in the Lyell (Upper Buller Gorge) to the mighty Mokihinui River in the north.  The Old Ghost Road will traverse majestic native forest, open tussock tops, river flats and forgotten valleys.

We will become some of his volunteers, and I look forward to waking up early to catch a sunrise like this: