For one easy payment of 2.99…

Do you want more info on affordable travel through help exchange? Did you follow my blog while I was in New Zealand? Did you not? All good reasons to buy my brand new eBook for the price of a venti Americano! Thanks, dear ones. Amazon eBook: Beth of Fresh Air: New Zealand Smashwords eBook: BethContinue reading “For one easy payment of 2.99…”


[suhd-zer] noun, Informal. a soap opera. any movie, play, or the like that is designed to provoke a tearful response. This is not a sudser, it is a reason for my absence. I cannot look at a computer for more than twenty minutes without a stupid amount of eye pain for the rest of the day. I also have an appealing formation on my eye, and have for a while,Continue reading “sudser.”

Three months traveling with help exchange vs. one week in Vail

On my drive from Moab, UT to Estes Park, CO, I saw a sign for Vail. I had seen photos of this town and had heard about the famous people who frequent it; I almost expected “Vail” to be written in diamonds on the road sign. I bipped my blinker and decided to use aContinue reading “Three months traveling with help exchange vs. one week in Vail”