One more splash.

There are new fangled devices to preserve a bottle of wine if you don’t finish it. Do you know how easy it is to finish a bottle of wine in a night? Really deliciously easy. So I think about the money I’m saving on these preservation devices and am proud of myself. My mom andContinue reading “One more splash.”

Santa down!

Tonight I took Pal on a walk as per usual. As per unusual, I walked past a gay couple holding two chihuahuas standing in front of a cardboard Santa smiling at a camera on a timer in their driveway. They couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t stop smiling so they waved at me as PalContinue reading “Santa down!”

norah jones.

Facebook memories can really knock you off kilter sometimes, you know what I mean? One minute you’re scrolling through and seeing your friend’s plate full of blueberry pancakes and then you get the memory notification and you are knocked in the face with the past. The day Ryan Cauble passed away. The Idaho aspens thatContinue reading “norah jones.”


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<a href="http://<a href="/index.php?cat=makingfriendsasanadult">makingfriendsasanadultMaking Friends as an Adult

Growing up in the early nineties, I remember slapping a bracelet on someone’s wrist and being their friend for years to come. It is not that easy now. 

Or is it? Perhaps we just do not have the courage and whimsy to approach someone with a slap-on bracelet and give it a slap.

Travelling Typewriter

I love words, people, places and quirky words, quirky people, and quirky places. So if you’re feeling like a bit of an escape, click here. You’ll be transported to a mountaintop in New Zealand, a field of wildflowers in Idaho, or my grandparent’s community pool in Florida. Hopefully you’ll learn a new word from’s word of the day and bring it with you on our adventures.

Dog Distraction

Tired of reading? Are you an introvert that has used up all of her words? Honey, take a break. Grab your coffee that you forgot is still in the microwave, put your feet up, and scroll through pictures of the polar bear, Pal. Let your mind go for a bit. If you scroll for long enough, it’ll be socially acceptable to pour your glass of wine.

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