It was chilly enough in Dunedin, FL to have a fire in our outdoor fireplace. My roommate had never even HEARD of Jiffy Pop so we ignored the “do not pop over an open fire” warning and put on an oven mitt and enjoyed the show and the finished product. We often sit in silence,…

Fire Marshal Assistant.

My roommate got me this adorable leather purse backpack and it fits everything I need and a few things I might never need. The backpack straps sometimes fall through the loop and I’ve started tying one of Pal’s old bandanas to it to stop this from happening and to make me smile or cry depending…

One purple bandana.

I remember losing it in the grocery store, salty tears in the bacon aisle. It was months after we lost Grandma. The grief hit me like it had just happened. Pal passed away six weeks ago, on the same day Grandma passed three years ago. This didn’t feel like a coincidence, not that I know…


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Making Friends

Growing up in the early nineties, I remember slapping a bracelet on someone’s wrist and being their friend for years to come. It is not that easy now. 

Or is it? Perhaps we just do not have the courage and whimsy to approach someone with a slap-on bracelet and give it a slap.

Travelling Typewriter

I love words, people, places and quirky words, quirky people, and quirky places. So if you’re feeling like a bit of an escape, click here. You’ll be transported to a mountaintop in New Zealand, a field of wildflowers in Idaho, or my grandparent’s community pool in Florida. Hopefully you’ll learn a new word from’s word of the day and bring it with you on our adventures.

Dog Distraction

Tired of reading? Are you an introvert that has used up all of her words? Honey, take a break. Grab your coffee that you forgot is still in the microwave, put your feet up, and scroll through pictures of the polar bear, Pal. Let your mind go for a bit. If you scroll for long enough, it’ll be socially acceptable to pour your glass of wine.

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