[foo t-loos] adjective free to go or travel about; not confined by responsibilities. Sometimes it’s 18 degrees but you have to walk the dog anyway after a long night of waiting tables. Sometimes you try to rush it and jog a bit and fall on the ice. But then sometimes you see ten bright shooting stars within ten minutes. You run back inside, pour someContinue reading “footloose.”


[uh–meel-yuh-reyt, uh–mee-lee-uh-] verb (used with or without object), ameliorated, ameliorating. 1. to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve. Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. My bed is against the wall, so maybe I should pull it out a little so I have a better chance ofContinue reading “ameliorate.”


[krep-i-teyt] verb (used without object), crepitated, crepitating. to make a crackling sound. A crepitating fire soothes and invigorates and mesmerizes. It is a night’s entertainment when I’m lucky. The crackle sound is so distinct and warming and goes perfectly next to a cup of tea and big fluffy polar bear. In Ketchum, Idaho, fireplaces are very common. There’s one at Java Coffee House,Continue reading “crepitate.”


[wil-oh-waks] noun, New England. 1. a wooded, uninhabited area. Snowshoeing through the willowwacks can be enjoyable to the max–pack up a sack and don’t look back as you head to the willowwacks. It staves off anxiety attacks and limits chances of being surrounded by quacks. There’s not much the willowwacks lacks. These are facts and happinessContinue reading “willowwacks.”