It was chilly enough in Dunedin, FL to have a fire in our outdoor fireplace. My roommate had never even HEARD of Jiffy Pop so we ignored the “do not pop over an open fire” warning and put on an oven mitt and enjoyed the show and the finished product. We often sit in silence,Continue reading “Balderdash.”

Fire Marshal Assistant.

My roommate got me this adorable leather purse backpack and it fits everything I need and a few things I might never need. The backpack straps sometimes fall through the loop and I’ve started tying one of Pal’s old bandanas to it to stop this from happening and to make me smile or cry dependingContinue reading “Fire Marshal Assistant.”

norah jones.

Facebook memories can really knock you off kilter sometimes, you know what I mean? One minute you’re scrolling through and seeing your friend’s plate full of blueberry pancakes and then you get the memory notification and you are knocked in the face with the past. The day Ryan Cauble passed away. The Idaho aspens thatContinue reading “norah jones.”


[uh–meel-yuh-reyt, uh–mee-lee-uh-] verb (used with or without object), ameliorated, ameliorating. 1. to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; improve. Sometimes I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. My bed is against the wall, so maybe I should pull it out a little so I have a better chance ofContinue reading “ameliorate.”


[huhm-buh l-brag] noun a statement intended as a boast or brag but disguised by a humble apology, complaint, etc. It’s so funny that this was just the word of the day. I was too tired to blog about humblebrag, because I was completely worn out from running ten miles in the 62 mile Sawtooth Relay through rain, snow, sleet, and hail. I’m cracking myself up because I can’t even humblebragContinue reading “humblebrag.”