RIG-muh-rohl \  , noun;
1. An elaborate or complicated procedure.
2. Confused, incoherent, foolish, or meaningless talk
When attempting to write ‘rigmarole’ in my phone, t9 suggested signarle, then rignapole.  This made me laugh harder than I had laughed all day, and that made me wonder about my sense of humor.
I’m starting work tomorrow in Mars Hill, NC but I do not have a place to live yet.  The whole rigmarole of finding the perfect place can be exhausting.  Ideally, it’d be close to work and climbing trees, it’d be furnished because I sold mine in a moment of quarterlife crisis, and there’d be a stable landlord.  My biggest problem is that I’m far from practical.  I saw a room for rent that was nice.  I’m willing to pay big bucks for ‘nice’ because of a lovely hanging swing on the porch.  I guess some would call that a porch swing.  I dreamingly looked at the porch as I pictured the relaxing afternoons sipping fresh squeezed lemonade, reading something thought provoking, then writing about those thoughts, all while swinging in the breeze.  Though if I sign the lease, I will have not money left over for the lemons to freshly squeeze them into lemonade.
Decisions, decisions.  Signarle, rignapole.  Rigmarole.

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