\MUHS-i-teyt\, verb:

To silently move the lips in simulation of audible speech.
Today was homecoming on the quaint campus of Mars Hill College and we were surrounded by cool breezes, the smell of the baptist’s bbq, and a whole lot of mussitating.  The Lunsford festival is crowded, because it offers everything great that Madison County offers, all in one place.  Because of the countless alum scattered about, I saw him mussitate to her, then her mussitate back at him, then they met at the apple butter tent.
I feel as though this weekend was my literal ‘homecoming’, as I’m moving on campus as soon as the key is found.   I have a place right on the quad, so around 500 people were moseying around my front yard this afternoon.  I had a strange desire to put my robe on and come out with my coffee in hand and quacking, “Use the sidewalks!!  Have you no decency!”  This would not have been mussitated, but audibly quacked.  Maybe I will keep my cool, even though I’ll be the old hag amidst the young loud whippersnappers.

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