\ smith-uh-REENZ \, noun;
1.Small pieces; bits.
I’ve blown any sort of plot or narrative arch to smithereens with this blog.  Hopefully ‘blog’ implies that there will be no conflict, conflict resolution, denouement…if it does not imply that, I shall state it now.  These are all pointless.  But what they lack in point, they make up for in enjoyment in the writing process.
‘Smithereens’ is a great word to say aloud.  I like to pronounce it like, “smiiithereeeeeens.” 
We got a new juicer at the caf.  Not an ordinary juicer, but a Nutrifaster N450.  I made a “how to use the juicer” memo and wrote at the bottom, “Have the utmost respect for the Nutrifaster N450.”  A fellow worker said, just say, ‘Respect the juicer.’  I feel like my spirit was crushed to smithereens.  That ruined the point of the sentence.  I want students to realize this is the NUTRIFASTER N450…
Not an ordinary juicer.
Anyway.  It is now totally dull and says “Respect the juicer.”  And I’m still getting paid.  For dull.
My point to that was…the Nutrifaster N450 has incredible smithereen power.  We juiced carrots, nectarines, celery, cucumbers…delicious smithereens.  Healthy smithereen juice.  I could put that on the sign but the coworker, aka dream crusher, would probably say, “just put FRESH JUICE.”

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