luh-KON-ik \ , adjective;
1. Using or marked by the use of a minimum of words; brief and pithy; brusque.
A tall coffee at Starbucks goes for $1.75.  Their coffee is not organic.  But the Green Mountain Coffee at the dining hall is.  And it is 12 Beth-steps away from my desk.  Probably 10 Bill-steps and 11-Katy steps.
Because I like my water hot and steeped in beans, I have a cup of coffee for
Mid morning
After lunch
Mid afternoon with cookie
Late afternoon for a pick up
Therefore, It would cost me
 x  5
8.75 a day for organic, close-by coffee
If I divided it by 8, the hours I work a day, I drink $1.09 worth of coffee an hour.
Thus, I can either pretend I make $1.09 more an hour, or I can appreciate the free coffee with each sip (approximately 150 sips a day).
This was not the laconic way to tell you this.

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