BROO-muhl \ , adjective;
1.Of winter.

Gingerbread lattes are back at Starbucks.  The fireplace is lit at WellBred Bakery.  The coffee houses are showing signs of brumal days. 
One of my fondest brumal memories consists of snowboarding, a steep Mars Hill hill, wet hair, and a dedicated teacher.  Getting your feet in and out of a snowboard to walk up a hill (which most people do not do because of ski lifts) is a very frustrating task.  So my teacher threw me over his shoulder and ran me back up the hill each time.  I learned quickly that night.
Asheville, NC has so many things about it that make it shine.  That sounds awfully corny.  One shiny thing is the annual Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park Inn.  In my 6 years here, I have found that no one can be unhappy while looking at edible houses.  Very interesting.  Maybe it’s the beautifully brumal glow that everything has.  Different themed Christmas trees in every room, live music being played from the Great Room by the gigantic fireplace…
Beautifully brumal.  

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