\ UHL-ij \  , noun;
1.The amount by which the contents fall short of filling a container, as a cask or bottle.
2.The quantity of wine, liquor, or the like, remaining in a container that has lost part of its contents byevaporation, leakage, or use.
3.In rocketry, the volume of a loaded tank of liquid propellant in excess of the volume of the propellant;the space provided for thermal expansion of the propellant and the accumulation of gases evolved fromit.
Excess ullage is hardly ever a good thing. 
Frat Boy.  “Dude, what’s with the wak ullage on my PBR, man?  Hell no to the ullage!”
Wealthy Wine Snob.  “Pardon.  Is this ullage necessary?  This merlot must breathe, but let’s not over-oxygenate it, darling.”
Latte Lover.  “I’ll have a nonfat triple grande two pump gingerbread latte, hold all of the ullage.  Meaning, no foam at all.”
The excess of ullage could be good in a message in a bottle.  No liquid at all would be ideal, so the message would not get soggy.

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