\ FIL-ter \  , noun;
1.A magic potion for any purpose.
2.A potion, charm, or drug supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love, usually with some specific person.

I’m waiting for the big snowstorm and I’m watching Santa Clause 2.  They shouldn’t have kept making the movies because it lessens the magic of the first one.  Except, the first one was so adored by me, that I’d watch Santa Clause 4 if they continued on.  So the makers were smart, financially speaking.  For those of you who stayed strong and haven’t seen it, Santa is supposed to find a Mrs. Clause and he has a strict deadline.  I think he must do this to save Christmas, I forget why.  He (Tim Allen, Scott Calvin, Santa Clause) just made his van turn into a sleigh to drive a pretty lady to a party.  He has a certain amount of magic and he’s using it to make pretty lady fall in love with him.
His philter is working.  She is smiling a lot and giggling and seems excited to be around him.  Though, of course, conflict will have to take place for this movie to end well, so the philter must run out, and she must find out he’s Santa but she’d think he’s wildly insane, and then somehow, true love with prevail.

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