\ KLAHCH \  , noun;
1.A casual gathering of people, esp. for refreshments and informal conversation.
There has not been a word of the day that is so near and dear to my heart as this.  My sweet grandmother, Doris Elizabeth, introduced me to the world of coffee at a very young age.  We’d go to her house and have “coffee clutch” and gamble our pennies in a game called Blitz.  The American Coffee Clutch is believed to have come from the German Kaffee Klatsch. 
These coffee clutch meetings were so special to me.  I felt like such a grownup, with my sugary hot drink and my serious gambling competitive face.  I’d love to remember what our conversation was like.  One day I will open a coffee house/book swap and it will be called “Coffee Clutch.”  The special will be monster cookies and the entertainment will be decks of cards.  Do stay tuned.  

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