\ GUHNG-HO \  , adjective;
1.Wholeheartedly enthusiastic and loyal; eager; zealous.
2.In a successful manner.
I was watching the cute lil waddler yesterday.  At age one, he is completely gung-ho about bouncy balls, tennis balls, wiffle balls, etc.  We were rolling the tennis ball around, once we got it from the dog, who is also gung-ho about them, and we lost it under the dresser.  I grabbed a broom to get the tennis ball back.  I poked, and out came an orange bouncy ball.  Then came a red not bouncy one.  Then two small white wiffle balls.  Then a yellow one.  THEN the tennis ball we were all gung-ho about in the beginning.  It made me smile to see his face with each returned toy.  I think all but one ended up back under the dresser before our time was through.

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