\ FIL-uh-math \  , noun;
1.A lover of learning; a scholar.
Little Waddler is napping and his dad goes to pick up the little Philomath from school.  So for now it’s me, my hot decaf soy latte that serves as lunch, and the book Madeline.  I put Madeline’s adventures on hold so I can pick up 10 toys, with hopes that maybe the kids will only get 5 out later and I’ll be ahead of the game called babysitting.  The first 20 minutes with the Philomath are my favorite.  She plops down near a toy and talks and talks while she plays and kicks off her shoes as if they’re keeping her from playing as hard as she can.  My latte gets ignored and I heat it up 5 times throughout the day.  True to her Philomath name, she wonders aloud.  She whimsically mixes reality from school with her brilliant 3.75 year old imagination.  I smile, laugh, and ask questions to get her to say more.  “Why does the dinosaur only go swimming after riding in the plane with the penguin in the winter time?”  She dreams up an answer in no time.  

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