1. Close friend; comrade.
  2. An equal in rank, ability, accomplishment, etc.; peer; colleague.

Want to know what my compeer did for my 27th birthday?  Sure you do! She had her middle school students fill out a page in a book titled “How To Have The Best Year Ever.” Now I know. And so shall you:

Build more snowmen.

Spend time with your family.

I think you should go to the mall and go shopping with your best friend. You will really have fun and you’ll enjoy your birthday!

My best advice is to do more things. And go outside more.


Eat more chicken.

Get married BEFORE having children!!! (Then there’s a face drawn that looks utterly shocked-like this :D)

Pay your bills.

Eat more chocolate.

Go to Myrtle Beach and Dollywood.

You should go to the mall and buy stuff for you.

You should go watch a movie with your BFF and go to the Fun Depot and ride the go carts.

Don’t worry about anything.

Go to a water park so you can chill with your friends.

Go see famous places.

Turn that frown upside down.


The most impressive I think:

To be happy, make others happy. Do something nice to them or give them something they need. It will not only make them happy, it will also make you happy, too. Then you’ll have lots of friends and people who care about you. So have an awesome birthday.

Go forth and have the best year of your lives, people!

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