informative! perhaps.

I reckon I should be more informative with this blog. I imagine it’d be helpful for future working-holiday-ers to have a “what I did a month before I left” list.

Instead, I’ve been rambling about random thoughts, which is definitely more my style. I’ve never been known as “the informative blogger.” 

So here’s a little info on things I’ve thought about as of late:

I purchased my travel and health insurance with In fact, I haven’t read a single article, website, or guidebook that suggests that another company would be better. So that seemed easy. 

I printed 3 copies of my evisa, and I plan to keep one in my suitcase, one in my backpack, and one at home in FL for some reason.  

My mom has the cutest raincoat from REI that she said I could have. It doesn’t have a label that says it’s water resistant or waterproof, which is quite the difference, so my mom keeps reminding me that I need to jump around in that raincoat when it rains to test it out before I go. She’s practical and quite adorable.

I’ve been reading guidebooks, websites, and blogs. I’ve been giggly when I read about the penguins or the amazing seafood or how friendly the people are. I squeal when I see pictures of Milford Sound or the caves that house the glowworms.  

I’ve been amazoning and ebaying cute hats, because I think I’ve decided that will be my “thing.” I’ll be that girl with the hat with the buttons, or the hat with TB on it that the kiwis don’t understand, or the hat that keeps my beach hair under control. 

That’s all I’ve been doing. Lots of cuddle time with my brother’s angel of a dog, and lovely conversation with my family. And I don’t miss an episode of Ellen.  




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