Nana Carina.

We hitch hiked to town (about 12 km, met a nice gal named Julianne who was really just dropping her friend off at her car, but we ran and looked so excited that she pulled over, she had pity on us and took us to town) and then maxed out the ATM withdrawal limits and bought a 1993 Toyota Carina for $1,700. We ordered a local Lion Red beer at the Red Lion, got a text from a soon-to-be-mate Nathan saying he was across the street to show us his Nana’s old car, and then asked the bartender to put the beer in the fridge and we’d be back. Nathan then told us the Red Lion was the sketchiest bar in the country and that’s where gang fights happen.

The Carina seemed like the ideal deal. Nathan’s Nana drove it twice a week max for 15 years, then gave it to him and he was using it as an extra vehicle to drive to the Corimandle Peninsula to fish because it was so good on gas.

Kasey drove the Carina on the opposite side of the road (with the windshield wipers on because they’re in the place of the turn signal) to her last host’s house (Tim and Kelly) and Tim checked the car out for us. He builds helicopters and apparently knows some things. Tim said, “Yes, I’d buy this car.” And I said, “You’re buying this car for us, Tim?”

Seems he meant we should. So we did. We left the cabins for some sushi and came back with a car we now call Nana Carina. It has some scratches and small dents on the side because it was hit by a boat. Yeah, you read that right. It’s oozing with character.

We then drove our own car to the Hallertau Brewery to meet our surf coach for dinner and a drink. 

Pictures to come. 

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