Here’s a deep subject:

Sandbars. It’s amazing how small you feel while on a shallow sandbar in the middle of the sea. I have felt so incredibly small lately in this land of big beauty. Multiple times a day, I can sing loudly with confidence no one will hear me. When I walk in the mornings and evenings, it is just me, the amazing Creator, and my camera bag full of batteries and shells. I love it.

Ellen comes on at 4:25 here. So we wake up with only Ellen on our schedule. This is the life I wanted. I wanted to wake up when the sun started shining through the blinds and when the cows started mooing loudly instead of to an alarm. I wanted to run on the beach and work hard enough for my muscles to ache. I was in need of days at a time where I wouldn’t even look at my phone. I am noticing those moments where I would usually be on my phone so the time would pass quicker, now I think and dream and notice the coloring of the cows in the pasture and the length of their crazy tongues and the way they love every weed we throw them. My nails are always filthy from weeding day after day, but I love the tan I’m working on. My hair is getting used to not showering daily. It’s a simple life and it’s a beautiful one for sure.

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